Quickity quick post

It seems strange that so many people are unaware of sexism or the patriarchal foundations underlying the problems in the world. It is strange because, firstly, the information is out there and it’s mostly common sense. And it also seems strange because it is so obvious that prejudice is taught, and we are taught every day and reinforced constantly a mindset of hating women, without being able to see it. Strange, and largely invisible.

This world is afraid of female power and wholeness. We should not be. By ignoring or sidestepping women’s wisdom, strength, potential- we are cutting ourselves off from the solutions to our problems as a race, as a planet. As a people.

Women are capable of so much, but when they are internally disabled from trusting themselves, being their full selves, from birth- this is not good. We are losing our inheritance- female wisdom. And when I say “ours,” I mean ours as people- women and men.

The very fact that there is so much fear of feminism, hatred of the possibility and encouragement of female power, reveals the severe misogynistic beliefs that underlie our social order and practices. If this global culture is not sexist and woman-hating, why are people so afraid of women being whatever they want? Humans, animals were created female and male. There’s a natural balance that has never, before humankind, included a torturous domination of one gender by the other. ?

We need to THINK. Use common sense. A freedom mindset wants to overtake us all at times, but we fall back into the roles prescribed for us because we don’t know who else to be, and without whole and healed women who are able to nurture the world back to health (because women are the seeds of healing, I do believe that. We’re not martyrs for men to heal, but we are the seeds and root plants of healing- for women, men and children), we find our sexist culture rebound-reacting to the anger of women who have been mistreated for centuries. This goes on and on and nowhere.

We need to all think about what we really want. I don’t think anyone is happy being an abuser, a dominator. The seeds of wholeness and balance are born inside us. So the social teaching is the only thing that needs to be changed. We’re not to blame, any of us. We need to be wiser and more responsible about how we live.

Female strength and power is in no way an inherent threat towards males. Hmmm. It’s definitely a social one. That means our social order exists based on the subjugation of females. If it weren’t a dominance based culture, women doing whatever they want wouldn’t be an issue.

I think the reason it is so hard for people to see patriarchy is because it is so global. We exist within it to the degree that we cannot analyze it as an optional social structure. Rather, at this point, we view it as the natural order! Fascinating uniformity of culture, despite the other variances. Every single culture in the world has this trait. In terms of survival and propagation of species, it’s a resounding success. Moralistically, it’s awful.

What are our morals? What are the morals of global patriarchy? The ones that do not vary culture to culture? This would be a fascinating study, one I will attempt some evening when I do NOT have a test in the morning.

I apologize for my absence of presence. I’ve been studying, starting new things, and my mind has been elsewhere. I’ll be back and more around, more, in future.